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Do You Feel Lost in Digital Space?

You're not getting enough leads.

You have trouble understanding ROI on ads.

Your competitors are outperforming you.

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The CORE Assessment explained

What's Your Digital CORE?

The digital space opens up a world of opportunities, but do you take advantage of them? Our CORE Assessment provides a  Comprehensive Opportunity Rating Evaluation to learn just that. We’ll identify whether or not you are set up properly to track information that could make or save money for your business, giving you an overall rating and information on how to improve it.


Your digital storefront and main point of contact with customers should be easily found in search.


Everything people do, both on and in activity related to your site, should give information to act.

Digital Marketing

Every dollar you spend to reach new potential customers should be matched with its successes.

What's At Risk?

Lost Opportunities

People cannot find your site, or easily complete a transaction if they do.

Wasted Spending

Making uninformed decisions with an inability to monitor their impacts.

Lack of Control

Advertising budgets that provide leads, but may not be worth the cost.

What We Do

When it comes to your Digital CORE, each setting is either set up properly, or it’s not. There is no gray area. We specialize in knowing where to look and offer a completely unbiased assessment to give the transparency you need to take action. We look at each opportunity with a yes-or-no mindset and show you where and how you can make improvements, setting you up for digital success.

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Who Do We Help?

Small Businesses

We provide understanding, guiding direction to enact positive change

Digital Agencies

We highlight opportunities that could add value to client relationships

Marketing Executives

We give you tools to monitor your efforts so you can prove successes

The CORE Assessment is both universal and noncommittal, making it an excellent option for various groups:


No Commitment to Us -

Learn your CORE score today to maximize efficiency.

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If any of these apply, a CORE assessment will show your business the way forward.

Just to Your Business.

Grue & Bleen helped us reach our goals in developing our Google Analytics strategy. Their guidance in helping us configure and view our site's data is second to none.

Eric Sauers

IT Project Leader, Wharton Research Data Services

The best thing about Grue and Bleen is that they are business-friendly. My businesses are built on high-levels of customer care; Grue and Bleen gave me the same standard of care that I give to my customers. They asked to meet with me until they had a solid understanding of my needs—before we even signed an agreement, they communicated throughout the project—making sure all questions were answered and all expectations were being met. Grue and Bleen is a high-value company. They are going to give you more than you expect for the price that you pay.

Phil Clark

Founder/Owner, The Training Station

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Max Hicks

Founder/CEO, Reliant Plumbing

I watched my Google Organic Ranking go from being 3rd to 5th to 1st or 2nd!   Not only that, but I also come up mostly first for Googe’s Local Business Pack which is at the very top of the Search Engine Results Page.

Christopher Hudson

Owner, Rittenhouse Acupuncture

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